Swan, Leda: Uptakes & Stay Lates EP

Leda Swan: Uptakes & Stay Lates EP
Title: Uptakes & Stay Lates EP
Label: CD Baby

When you leave a Leda Swan show, you leave seeking new answers in new places; from driving rock to laid back, Strokesque rhythms, Leda Swan pleases wherever they go. Leda Swan is a rock group out of Baton Rouge, LA interested in modern rock with a focus on lyrical content and quality of style; they draw from an eclectic array of influences varying from Radiohead to UB40, allowing them to seek musical enlightenment far and wide. The Uptakes and Stay Lates EP, their latest release, searches the realm of acoustics - this album gives us a taste of Chris White's playing abilities along with Nathan Dronette's astounding vocal performances. The album features only these two, seeing as that it is an acoustic album. Done in the members' apartments and homes, this self-recorded tour de force brings to the speakers a sound like that of a professional studio. From the beautiful wailing melodies to the heavy hitting acoustic playing, this album holds something for everyone.

1.1 The Smokes
1.2 Thus Spoke Miss Silent
1.3 Prince Prospero
1.4 Forgotten Melody
1.5 Beginning with You Here
1.6 Familiar Hands

Swan, Leda: Uptakes & Stay Lates EP

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