Kindercastle: In a Tizzy

Kindercastle: In a Tizzy
Title: In a Tizzy
Label: CD Baby

In a world full of indifference, Kindercastle offers a sense of innocence. Almost everybody has it inside of them, and this music creates a window that allows one to peer inside their personal childlike state. It seems as if these two young artists are not creating their music, but emerging from it.

1.1 Violet
1.2 I Took a Stroll
1.3 Pack Your Bags
1.4 Working in the Springtime
1.5 Mechanical Man
1.6 Avo Vco
1.7 Further from
1.8 Donkey Hote
1.9 Coming Through
1.10 Out of the Ground
1.11 Postmaster General
1.12 Wind

Kindercastle: In a Tizzy

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