Rumery, Kevin: Stormbird

Kevin Rumery: Stormbird
Title: Stormbird
Label: CD Baby

With his debut album Stormbird, Kevin Rumery establishes himself as a contemporary folk music force in the vein of John Denver, Stan Rogers and John Gorka. The 14 original songs on Stormbird weave poignant tales of loneliness, redemption and homecoming. The Colorado-based artist says the songs are a culmination of more than 30 years of living and writing. 'I really don't work at writing songs,' he said. "The songs come when they are ready regardless of whatever I do to speed the process.' The results of this process are songs that are fully mature, with poetic, observant lyrics accompanied by haunting, memorable melodies. In the title song, Kevin sings about displaced birds that are tossed aside during vicious winter storms, separated from their flocks and any familiar landmarks. The song takes on new resonance as America watches the evacuees from recent hurricanes struggle to find their way back to homes that are no longer recognizable. The lyrics could be an anthem for these displaced citizens: Stormbird stormbird thrown across the plains The wind's brought sudden changes to your life as well as mine. Where did you come from through the never-ending night? Where will you go when your wings have healed for flight? Themes of nature and the search for a home, both physical and metaphorical, are common in Kevin's music. These universal themes wrapped in beautiful melodies create what Kevin's wife calls 'musical comfort food'. Indeed, the tunes seem to offer comfort in even the bleakest scenes. In 'Fall-Nearly Winter', Kevin describes the melancholy yet hopeful time of year between the hot days of summer and the snowfalls of winter. He incorporates the sounds of bugling elk, calling cranes and geese to complete the musical portrait he paints. 'Patchwork Heart' calls to mind the beloved music of John Denver with an immensely memorable melody and lyrics that talk of grief and lost love with affection and resolve. 'Passages' speaks to the push and pull of living a creative life and a practical one, chasing dreams while also struggling to make ends meet. The final song in the collection, 'Lighthouse' is a tribute to those people in life who serve as a harbor, the ones who send others off to accomplish great things and always shine the way home when rest is needed. Kevin Rumery lives, works and plays in Colorado. Though he has enjoyed a number of vocations from environmental scientist to Unit Leader for young adults in national service through AmeriCorps, music has always provided balance to his life. Kevin grew up listening to a wide range of musical styles, from folk to classical. His influences range from The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul & Mary to Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, and Stan Rogers. He discovered Irish music in the late 70s and began incorporating the lyrical and ancient rhythms into his songwriting. Growing up with a professional musician as a father, Kevin embraced the craft of music, as well as the art. He is an accomplished musician, mastering numerous instruments including the bouzouki, mandolin and tenor banjo. He routinely plays at Denver-area Irish sessions and festivals.

1.1 Stormbird
1.2 Point of No Return
1.3 The Wild Geese
1.4 Love's Lost Labor
1.5 Snowflake
1.6 Fall - Nearly Winter
1.7 Patchwork Heart
1.8 Captive of Doubt
1.9 Impressions ; Images
1.10 Friends or Lovers?
1.11 You
1.12 Passages
1.13 Housewarming
1.14 Lighthouse

Rumery, Kevin: Stormbird

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