Olson, Ken: SDG

Ken Olson: SDG
Title: SDG
Label: CD Baby

Ken Olson is an American folk singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, he has performed on four continents. On SDG, Olson enlists the help of cellist David Weidman and flutist Marie Gums for several songs. Influence from African musical styles can be heard on two songs, including the use of a traditional Congolese harp on 'Tshoeloe Ma Ye Kpaha.' Olson's spiritual journey is the theme of several songs, but he takes time to reflect on Christmas ('Silent Night', 'The Little One From Bethlehem') and also to poke fun at expensive espresso drinks ('Caramel Latte') and impersonal answering machines ('Not At Home'). What people are saying about SDG: - 'SDG is a wonderful album and addition to our music library.' (AO) - 'What a great CD!' (TL) - 'I get completely drawn into it' (RK) - 'tight harmonies and clever instrumentation' (WA) - 'Thank you so much for the CD. It's terrific! You remind me of Simon and Garfunkel...Similar heady thoughtfulness, similar blend of light and serious, similar sense of a broad tradition of music and lyrics.' (RG) - 'Beautiful quality.' (JF)

1.1 Wondrous Cross - Ken Olson, Watts, Isaac
1.2 Ezali Malamu - Ken Olson, Fultz, Jim
1.3 Soli Deo Gloria - Ken Olson, Olson, Ken
1.4 Caramel Latte - Ken Olson, Attneave, Dorothy
1.5 Melody - Ken Olson, Moon, Dennis
1.6 Not at Home - Ken Olson, Olson, Ken
1.7 Faith Might Faith - Ken Olson, Wesley, Charles
1.8 No More Tears - Ken Olson, Olson, Ken
1.9 Silent Night - Ken Olson, Mohr, Joseph
1.10 The Little One from Bethlehem - Ken Olson, Danz, Tracy
1.11 Tshoeloe Ma Ye Kpaha - Ken Olson, Super, Punayima Kan
1.12 Wherever You Go - Ken Olson, Olson, Gary

Olson, Ken: SDG

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