Beezy, Kay: Still Rollin'

Kay Beezy: Still Rollin&
Title: Still Rollin'
Label: CD Baby

Given Texas's recent rap dominance, N'Kima 'Kay Beezy' Browning is primed to continue his home state's run in '08. The Tyler, Tx native is the proud owner of the Ernie G produced single 'Gucci Shadez', which is catching fire beyond the Lone Star State. With DJ's like Steve Nice, DJ Brain, and Big Bink spinning the record on the radio across the country, the Slim Thug sampled anthem is quickly infiltrating the national market. When he first started recording songs in '94, Beezy learned it's often an artist's association that makes him shine. 'I met Ernie G back the early nineties', he says. 'He always liked the way I rapped and the way I put together beat patterns, from there on we've been putting together his. Around the same time Beezy was traveling around the country meeting major players in the rap game, from Birmingham, Ala to Flint, Michigan to South Central L.A. In '97 he formed his label Ready 2 Roll Records and put out three major CD's to this point 'Ready 2 Roll Vol. 1' - 2004, 'Letz Ride' - 2006 and 'Still Rollin'' - 2008, which are still selling to this point. With a variety of features and 3 major label deal discussions surrounding Kay Beezy right now, the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) residing artist should continue to keep Texas dominate for a very long time.

1.1 Still Rollin' (Da Intro)
1.2 I Came Up (Rock Star)
1.3 King Iz Back
1.4 Down South
1.5 Wondaland
1.6 Get High (Skit)
1.7 I Wanna Be High [Remix] [Mix]
1.8 Gucci Shadez
1.9 Good Life
1.10 DJ Ernie G Radio Promo
1.11 Drop Dat Thang
1.12 Dat X
1.13 It'z No Bigg Deal (Revisited)
1.14 Born Inda City
1.15 Heart of a G
1.16 Everybody Trippin' (Raise Up)
1.17 Still Rollin' (Da Outro)

Beezy, Kay: Still Rollin'

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