Tubb, Justin: Fickle Heart

Justin Tubb: Fickle Heart
Title: Fickle Heart
Artist: Tubb, Justin
Label: Righteous
UPC: 5013929984523
Genre: Country

2010 compilation of recordings from the Country troubadour, the son of the legendary Ernest Tubb, an unheralded Country crooner whose vocal dexterity is swamped in melancholy. This collection concentrates on heartache, tearjerkers and songs of glorious depression, culled from the his late '50s recordings. Righteous.

1.1 Fickle Heart
1.2 The Story of My Life
1.3 I Miss You So
1.4 I'm Sorry I Stayed Away So Long
1.5 Something Called the Blues
1.6 I'm Looking for a Date Tonight
1.7 Desert Blues
1.8 My Heart's Not for Little Girls to Play with
1.9 All Alone
1.10 Miss the Mississippi and You
1.11 Lucky Lucky Someone Else
1.12 Sufferin' Heart
1.13 Within Your Arms
1.14 Who Will It Be
1.15 Oh How I Miss You
1.16 Who Will It Be
1.17 I'm a Darn Good Man (For the Shape I'm in)

Tubb, Justin: Fickle Heart


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