Taylor, Julian: Desert Star

Julian Taylor: Desert Star
Title: Desert Star
Label: Aporia Records

Funk, soul n roll best describes the Julian Taylor Bands music. It's as eclectic and all-encompassing as their taste will allow. They move effortlessly between vintage soul, tasty funk, tender balladry, indie rock, and even the occasional foray into social comment, solo acoustic, reggae and psychedelia. The amazing thing is that they do it all expertly, brilliantly, with Taylors drop-dead killer voice, impressive guitar work, and a knack for writing catchy, earworm choruses that don't let go. Taylor can go wherever the music leads him, and come out a winner every time. And whether he's reaching a hand out to a friend in need, riding the rollercoaster of romance, or taking on the abuses of the system, it's easy to feel how he's coming from a pure and genuine place. His is an authentic, eclectic talent for anyones palette. Working on Desert Star has been a labour of love for Taylor and the band, clearly evident by the prolific flurry of songs that ensued, culminating in a masterpiece of a double-album.

1.1 Just a Little Bit 3:41
1.2 Bobbi Champagne 3:38
1.3 Heard Good Things 2:53
1.4 Say Goodnight 4:53
1.5 Desert Star (Who Could Ask for Anything More) 3:40
1.6 One Time 3:20
1.7 Pick You Up 2:49
1.8 Take Me (Stay) 3:27
1.9 Glass House (Acoustic) 3:09
1.10 House Is a Garden 3:14
1.11 Coke Bottle Candy 3:25
1.12 Feel Your Love 3:25
1.13 Hot Heels 3:07
1.14 Tiny ; Mighty 3:47
1.15 That Spice 3:12
1.16 Chemical Low 3:29
1.17 Fever 2:52
1.18 Get Loud, Pt.2 3:16
1.19 Set Me Free 3:14
1.20 The Belly of the Underman 3:41
1.21 Never Too Late 2:40
1.22 In My Life 5:56

Taylor, Julian: Desert Star

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