Kwassman, Joshua: Songs of the Brother Spirit

Joshua Kwassman: Songs of the Brother Spirit
Title: Songs of the Brother Spirit
Label: CD Baby

The themes of brotherhood and growing up drive Songs of the Brother Spirit. Eight biographical pieces grow and develop, toeing the line between nostalgia and burgeoning adulthood. The main story is about his longtime friend Justin, someone whom Kwassman idolized and followed through his youth. 'We went on as many adventures as we could, back then. When you're little, though, anything can seem like an adventure. A half-mile walk to the center of town, even!' With age brought renewed senses of daring: 'We started taking bikes and riding to the most remote regions of Connecticut, sometimes a hundred miles in a day. With each outing I would blindly rely on him to get us there, and he always did.' The final three tracks, a three-part piece titled 'The Nowhere Trail', is a musical depiction of their latest and most harrowing journey together; one which served as a turning point for Kwassman in his passage to adulthood. 'I sort of realized, after, that I needed to lead myself through life, and I learned that from Justin - from the Brother Spirit.'

1.1 Our Land
1.2 We Were Kids
1.3 In Light There Is Song
1.4 2/22
1.5 Meditation
1.6 The Nowhere Trail, Pt. 1
1.7 The Nowhere Trail, Pt. 2
1.8 The Nowhere Trail, Pt. 3

Kwassman, Joshua: Songs of the Brother Spirit

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