Wheeler, John: Big Orange

John Wheeler: Big Orange
Title: Big Orange
Label: CD Baby

This is not your typical fusion guitar shredfest. Big Orange's prime directive is 'Do not bore.' The songs and solos are focused and melodic. But, this is not 'smooth' jazz. Far from it. It has all the fire and intensity you'd expect from musicians who grew up listening to the great fusion groups of the '70s such as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report and Return to Forever. In an increasingly homogenized world, Big Orange doesn't fit any mold. Listen to each track and ask yourself, 'What does this remind me of?' If the answers don't come easily, you'll know you've found something original. And, best of all, Big Orange is essentially free! All proceeds benefit Amnesty International. So, every penny of your $9.99 donation helps in the fight against torture and shows your support for human rights throughout the world. Featured musicians: Tom Delaney: alto, tenor and soprano saxes, flute. Mike Kirkhouse: electric and fretless bass guitars Billy Slais: tenor sax Chris Smith: drums Kevin Tokarz: keyboards John Wheeler: electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, synthesizers. Ben Wilborn: violin.

1.1 Jogo Bonito
1.2 Dragon's Breath
1.3 Nothin' to It
1.4 Selma
1.5 Slightly Blue
1.6 Big Orange
1.7 Procession
1.8 Hall of 100 Mirrors
1.9 Okami
1.10 Wake-Up Call
1.11 Eleventh Dimension
1.12 Miles Above
1.13 Ambiance Musicale

Wheeler, John: Big Orange

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