Gaudet, Jim: Reasons That I Run

Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys: Reasons That I Run
Title: Reasons That I Run
Label: CD Baby

Jim Gaudet forsook the solo singer songwriter label several years ago, and while Jim is the front man this is a band, not a backup band. Tight arrangements, hot licks, and more grit than the gloss that often characterizes bluegrass these days. There is a bluegrass backbone to the CD, but there's nothing purist about The Railroad Boys. Folk and country influences abound and a wry sense of humor holds it all together. Jim's writing is top notch and the band is cookin'. ----Michael Jerling, Fools Hill Music.

1.1 You Don't Know What I Know
1.2 Reasons That I Run
1.3 In Some Other's Arms
1.4 I Ain't Gettin Up
1.5 Johnny Was An Outlaw
1.6 Hartford Street
1.7 Darkside of Lonesome
1.8 Peanut Butter
1.9 Railroad Boys
1.10 Justify My Soul
1.11 Help Me
1.12 Raylene
1.13 Walk of Life

Gaudet, Jim: Reasons That I Run

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