Cislaghi, Jill: Friends of Mine

Jill Cislaghi: Friends of Mine
Title: Friends of Mine
Artist: Cislaghi, Jill
Label: Yoga Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 8809154803084
Genre: Rock

Jill Cislaghi cut her one and only album in 1977, during her senior year at Regis College in Massachusetts. She recorded solely for friends, family, and as a memento for the members of her graduating class. Friends of Mine describes the loves and tribulations of Cislaghi's life with a mixture of naiveté and wisdom. With nothing more than her voice and (mostly unplugged) guitar, Cislaghi's Folk sound is singular and resonant, bold yet humble. Friends of Mine's hopeful yet wintry vision should appeal to fans of Sibylle Baier, Karen Dalton, Ruthann Friedman, and Ted Lucas. First-ever reissue; includes previously-unreleased bonus track Lazy J. Eco-rational 135-gram vinyl and high-quality tip-on sleeves. One-time limited pressing of 500. A coproduction of Yoga Records and Music Inside Records.

1.1 A1. July 20th
1.2 A2. Shine Your Light
1.3 A3. Don't Make Me Just Another Memory
1.4 A4. Passing Fancy
1.5 A5. Birthday Song
1.6 B1. Window-Pane
1.7 B2. Jesse
1.8 B3. Sweet November
1.9 B4. Friend of Mine
1.10 B5. for Bea (My Grandmother)
1.11 B6. Lazy J

Cislaghi, Jill: Friends of Mine

Product-type:VINYL LP

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