Jeffrey Nothing: The New Psychodalia

Jeffrey Nothing: The New Psychodalia
Title: The New Psychodalia
Label: Suburban Noize

From more than a decade Jeffrey Nothing has been the haunting voice behind Cleveland's pioneering alternate-metal collection Mushroomhead. His distinctive vocals have driven Mushroom heads frightening extreme performance style, which has garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide. Now Jeffrey Nothing is ready to open the door and reveal skeletons buried beneath the floorboards with the release of his debut solo album, THE NEW PSYCHEDLIA.

1.1 Dear Departed
1.2 Sin 'O Cism
1.3 Goodbye
1.4 Mnemerator
1.5 Eyez of the Righteous
1.6 Psychodalia
1.7 Enough
1.8 Burial
1.9 Time
1.10 Deathbed Masquerade
1.11 Wormwood
1.12 Darkseed
1.13 Devil
1.14 [Untitled]

Jeffrey Nothing: The New Psychodalia

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