Monk / TV O.S.T.: Monk (Original Television Soundtrack)

Jeff Beal: Monk (Original Television Soundtrack)
Title: Monk (Original Television Soundtrack)
Label: Varese Sarabande

This musch in demand soundtrack features Jeff Beal's breezy, infectious jazz score. Beal captures perfectly the fun and eccentric character of the show and follows the many misadvantures of this much-loved detective. This soundtrack also includes an extended album version of the MONK theme, alongwith the series version.

1.1 Monk Theme (Extended Version)
1.2 Miming Mr. Monk
1.3 They're Killing Dr. Gould
1.4 A Clean Apartment
1.5 Finding the Pebble
1.6 Rejection
1.7 Trudy's Theme
1.8 I Think I Smell Gas
1.9 Keys in the Casket
1.10 Lucky Guy
1.11 Fat Suit Folly
1.12 Monk Visits the Garage
1.13 Counting Meters
1.14 Monk Interrogates Gavin
1.15 Remember Me?
1.16 There Was a Struggle
1.17 Monk Theme (Series Version)
1.18 Have Fun
1.19 Pebbles and Clues
1.20 Sharpening Pencils
1.21 Zen Monk
1.22 Monk's a Hero
1.23 Love These Snakes
1.24 My Hero
1.25 On the Beach
1.26 The Final Chase
1.27 Start the Watch
1.28 Losing It?
1.29 Monk Escapes
1.30 Worried Monk
1.31 Restaging the Murder
1.32 Running Away
1.33 Finding, Looking
1.34 Back Safe at Home
1.35 The Kiss
1.36 Monk Theme (Pilot Version)

Monk / TV O.S.T.: Monk (Original Television Soundtrack)

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