Jazz Butcher: The Violent Years

Jazz Butcher: The Violent Years
Title: The Violent Years
Artist: Jazz Butcher
Label: Fire Records
UPC: 809236147028
Genre: Rock

The Jazz Butcher 'The Wasted Years' 4 x CD box set comes 'The Violent Years 1988-1991' featuring four seminal albums - 'Fishcotheque', 'Big Planet, Scarey Planet', 'Cult Of The Basement' and 'Condition Blue' - out 9th March 2018. In the early '80s, Dave Barker was checking master vinyl copies of classical recordings for glitches - they don't make jobs like that anymore. In his spare time he discovered innovative souls struggling to make music and welcomed them to his Glass Records label. The roll call included Teenage Fanclub, Spacemen 3, The Pastels and The Jazz Butcher. The 'Butcher' delivered a gaggle of albums and many 45s for Glass from 1983 to 1986, the jacket notes on the dusty tome that recalls this period mentions Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased), Thatcher, DIY post-punk, LSD, surrealist cabaret, The Velvet Underground, a bottle of Cointreau or two, the Amstrad 7090 and Ronco's 'Black Magic' compilation. All that led to the 'The Wasted Years': Four albums, many visions

1.1 Next Move Sideways
1.2 Out of Touch
1.3 Get It Wrong
1.4 Living in a Village
1.5 Swell
1.6 Looking for Lot 49
1.7 The Best Way
1.8 Chickentown
1.9 Susie
1.10 Keeping the Curtains Closed
2.1 New Invention
2.2 Line of Death
2.3 Hysteria
2.4 The Word I Was Looking for
2.5 Bicycle Kid
2.6 Burglar of Love
2.7 Nightmare Being
2.8 Do the Bubonic Plague
2.9 Bad Dream Lover
2.10 The Good Ones
3.1 The Basement
3.2 She's on Drugs
3.3 Pineapple Tuesday
3.4 The Onion Field
3.5 Daycare Nation
3.6 My Zeppelin
3.7 Fertiliser
3.8 Mr. Odd
3.9 After the Great Euphrates
3.10 Panic in Room 109
3.11 Girl Go
3.12 Turtle Bait
3.13 Sister Death
4.1 Girls Say Yes
4.2 Our Friends the Filth
4.3 Harlan
4.4 Still and All
4.5 She's a Yo-Yo
4.6 Honey
4.7 Shirley MacLaine
4.8 Racheland

Jazz Butcher: The Violent Years


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