James Francies: Purest Form

James Francies: Purest Form
Title: Purest Form
Label: Blue Note Records

2021 release. Pianist and producer James Francies follows-up his acclaimed 2018 debut Flight with the expansive opus Purest Form, an eclectic new album that taps into the essence of his artistry across 14 tracks that conjure a world of sounds and textures, interpreting love, grief, frailty, and fortitude. In addition to Burniss Travis on bass and Jeremy Dutton on drums, the album features alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins, vibraphonist Joel Ross, guitarist Mike Moreno, and vocalists Peyton, Elliott Skinner, and Bilal.

1.1 Adoration
1.2 Levitate
1.3 Transfiguration
1.4 Blown Away Feat. Peyton Booker
1.5 Rose Water Feat. Elliot Skinner
1.6 My Favorite Things
1.7 Stratus
1.8 713
1.9 Melting
1.10 Where We Stand
1.11 Freedmen's Town
1.12 Eyes Wide Shut Feat. Bilal
1.13 Still Here
1.14 Oasis

James Francies: Purest Form

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