Jail Job Eve: Wildfire

Jail Job Eve: Wildfire
Title: Wildfire
Artist: Jail Job Eve
Label: Made in Germany Musi
UPC: 885513701725
Genre: Rock

Since 2013 Jail Job Eve has become an indispensable part of the German rockstages. Whether festival stage, live club or rustic rockmusic venue - for more than eight years now the five musicians from Osnabrueck, Germany, have been playing their way across the country. Jail Job Eve's album "The Misson" received recommended reviews in the music press throughout Europe, and the band thus earned the reputation: "the hope of the national blues rock scene" (eclipsed Magazine, Germany). With their upcoming release "Wildfire", Jail Job Eve is once again setting new standards. The album, recorded entirely live, confirms the band as a finely balanced rock machinery. The music is much harder, more experimental and coarser, while the lyrics deal offensively and aggressively with the most important ideological issues of our time, such as climate change, sexism, LGBTQ + rights or the responsibility of art and culture as a mirror of society and an instrument of peaceful protest. For example, the first single "Lost" is a song about female empowerment and therefore an energetic, feminist statement to sing along to. The band's audible role models include Rival Sons, Blues Pills, Greta Van Fleet, but also the classic rockers of Deep Purple or the omnipresent ubiquitous instance Led Zeppelin. The clearest fist in the face of the listeners still is Victoria Semel, who virtuously puts her heart and soul into her singing. Benedikt Schlereth, who plays his way through the album with his distinctive guitar sound coined by the grand repertoire of rock history, Jens Niemann, who let's his Hammond wobble sonorously and suffer shriekingly, as well as Tim Beckers on bass and Josef Röhner on drums, who create fulminant, cast-iron floors under their bandmates.

1.1 Down the Rabbit Hole
1.2 Mid-Flight
1.3 Hit Me with a Lightning
1.4 Wildfire
1.5 Lost
1.6 Flying V
1.7 Keep It Quiet
1.8 No Means No
1.9 Neither Man Nor Machine
1.10 Riot

Jail Job Eve: Wildfire


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