Jacno: Tant De Temps

Jacno: Tant De Temps
Title: Tant De Temps
Artist: Jacno
Label: Gonzai Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 769791961654
Genre: Rock

Most known as the composer of cult-synth track "Rectangle" (1980), Jacno had a long, eventful life. He formed the first French punk band with Elli & Jacno, then produced the '80s French avant-garde (Lio, Etienne Daho, Mathematiques Modernes) and finally started his own solo career, seeming like a perfect crossover between David Bowie (the look), Bryan Ferry (the style) and Serge Gainsbourg (the glamorous way of smoking), both in equal measure. Initially released in Paris in 2006, Tant de Temps is the seventh and last studio album from Jacno, sadly dead three years later. Back from the grave with this double LP collection version, Tant de Temps can be heard as glam covered by a French vampire loving cigarettes, drinks and debauchery (French habits, let's say). With his single manifesto "Le Sport", he quotes Winston Churchill and as The Quietus is saying about that album, "We live in an imperfect world, because in a perfect one, this song would be No.1 for a decade in all of the world's countries." With friends aside (Etienne Daho, Stereo Total or Thomas Dutronc, son of Jacques) as guests, Tant de Temps sounds like the final heritage of dandiest Frenchman of the past twenty years. Now presented again for your pleasure.

1.1 Tous Ces Mots-Là (4:18)
1.2 Le Sport (4:01)
1.3 Tant de Temps (4:42)
2.1 T'es Mon Chteau (4:20)
2.2 L'homme de L'ombre (5:00)
3.1 Les Amants, Les Clients (3:24)
3.2 Si Je Te Quitte (3:11)
3.3 Avec Les Yeux (4:40)
4.1 Baiser Empoisonné (5:10)
4.2 Mars Rendez-Vous (Feat. Stereo Total) (4:06)
4.3 Code 68 (4:21)

Jacno: Tant De Temps

Product-type:VINYL LP

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