Stalin, J.: Cypress Village

J. Stalin: Cypress Village
Title: Cypress Village
Artist: Stalin, J.
Label: Livewire
UPC: 888915931165
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Named after his neighborhood in West Oakland, Cypress Village, is J. Stalin's latest album. Featuring some familiar names such as Mozzy, Larry June, and Slimmy B from SOB x RBE, J. Stalin also makes sure to shine a spotlight on his West Oakland roots with features from up and coming rappers.

1.1 Intro (Food ; Beverage)
1.2 Fraud
1.3 Ugly
1.4 Paint a Picture (Feat. Mozzy ; Celly Ru)
1.5 All My Chains
1.6 In a Minute
1.7 Lit Again
1.8 Going Blind (Feat. Tom G)
1.9 Too Real (Feat. JT the 4th)
1.10 Oop Bitch (Feat. Slimmy B)
1.11 Freak Like Her (Feat. Joseph Kay)
1.12 Need My Issue (Feat. Doc Dolla)
1.13 Cypress Village
1.14 I Got Plenty (Feat. Jesse James)
1.15 The Struggle (Feat. Joseph Kay ; J. Stew)
1.16 I Remember (Feat. Spudd, Mezzy, P. Hustle)
1.17 Talkin Bricks (Feat. Brick Money ; Boothatus)
1.18 Stash It (Feat. Remedy)
1.19 Gettin to the Money
1.20 Do My Body Like This
1.21 Every Girl I Know (Feat. Lil Dadex ; Joseph Kay)
1.22 Lay You Down (Feat. Joseph Kay ; Eldorado Red)
1.23 Guaranteed (Feat. Larry June)

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Stalin, J.: Cypress Village


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