Inna De Yard: Family Affair

Inna De Yard: Family Affair
Title: Family Affair
Label: Wagram
Product Type: VINYL LP

Often dubbed reggae's answer to the Buena Vista Social Club, the notorious Jamaican collective prove that they are still on top of their game with a new album, which journalist David Katz is already declaring "their best one yet". In addition to the usual cast of Inna de Yard legends, this new album features the pristine vocals of '70s icon Johnny Osbourne and '60s memorable duo Keith & Tex. Thirteen songs of pure emotions, exceptional musicality and authenticity gathered on a riveting album which promises to be a firm favorite amongst reggae lovers and general music fans alike.

1.1 Humanity – Cedric Myton
1.2 Tonight – Keith ; Tex
1.3 Baltimore – Winston McAnuff ; Johnny Osbourne
1.4 Down The Street – Keith ; Tex
1.5 Truth ; Right – Johnny Osbourne
1.6 Fire Burn – Kiddus I
1.7 Touch Me – Steve Newland
2.1 Africa - Derajah
2.2 Days Chasing Days – Cedric Myton
2.3 Stop That Train – Keith ; Tex
2.4 Sun Is Setting In The Sea – Winston McAnuff
2.5 Come Away Jah Jah Children - Kush McAnuff
2.6 Groovy Situation – Keith Rowe

Inna De Yard: Family Affair

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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Release Date: 06/09/2023

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