Inland: Coriolis

Inland: Coriolis
Title: Coriolis
Artist: Inland
Label: Counterchange
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 880319872716
Genre: Electronic

Ed Davenport continues his techno experiments as Inland with an elegant EP entitled Coriolis. "Coriolis" is a moody ten-minute voyage with a morphing synth array at it's core - bright, detuned stabs are layered upon tough rhythmic foundations. The jagged metallic lead builds, unearthing harmonic bleep accents and syncopated FX swells before folding in on itself. "D10D3" plows forward with an urgent staccato sequence, segueing into Italo-horror filter sweeps and noise-laden moments of drama. Finally, "Tsereteli" is a more reduced modern dub study, continuing Ed's long running fascination with tranced-out time stretching and after-hours vibes. Cover art by Guy Archard.

1.1 Coriolis - Inland
1.2 D10D3 - Inland
1.3 Tsereteli - Inland

Inland: Coriolis

Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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