Coppola, Imani: Black & White Album

Imani Coppola: Black & White Album
Title: Black & White Album
Label: Ipecac Recordings

In an age when every self-tanned pop tart talks tough about pushing boundaries by ditching the Hanes for Her and getting arrested, Imani Coppola is sitting back on a stoop in Bed Stuy and not giving a crap. A brah, bi-racial beauty with the voice of an angry angel and a truck-stop vocabulary, she's more concerned with making music that feels like having a line of coke blown up your ass. The release of her eighth studio venture, THE BLACK AND WHITE ALBUM, marks a departure from the sound to which many of her fans have grown accustomed. The melancholic, sample-heavy sound scapes featured on albums like CHUPACABRA and APHRODITE have given way to a more anarchic, visceral noise that settles on no genre in particular.

1.1 Black ; White Jingle #1
1.2 Spring Time
1.3 Woke Up White
1.4 Raindrops from the Sun (Hey, Hey, Hey)
1.5 30th Birthday
1.6 Let It Kill You
1.7 Dirty Pictures
1.8 Keys 2 Your Ass
1.9 Black ; White Jingle #2
1.10 I Love Your Hair
1.11 J.L.I.T.O.Y.O
1.12 I'm a Pocket
1.13 This Is My Chicken
1.14 In a Room

Coppola, Imani: Black & White Album

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