Ice Cube: War & Peace 1 (War Disc)

Ice Cube: War & Peace 1 (War Disc)
Artist: Ice Cube
Title: War & Peace 1 (War Disc)

Ice Cube is one of the most versatile, controversial and engaging figures ever to emerge out of Hip-Hop. Ice Cube returns with a vengeance, War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc) is first album to be released from Ice Cube in nearly 5 years. This album features top-notch production by Ice Cub, N.O. Joe, Bud'da, E-A-Ski & others, also includes appearances by Mack 10, Korn, and Mr. Short Khop. Track list includes: "Fuck Dying (feat. Korn)," "X-Bitches," "Ghetto Vet," "The Curse of Money" "3 Strikes You In," "MP," "Penitentiary" and more!

1.1 Ask About Me
1.2 Pushin' Weight
1.3 Dr. Frankenstein
1.4 * Dying
1.5 War ; Peace
1.6 Ghetto Vet
1.7 Greed
1.8 MP
1.9 Cash Over *
1.10 The Curse of Money
1.11 The Peckin' Order
1.12 Limos, Demos ; Bimbos
1.13 Once Upon a Time in the Projects 2
1.14 If I Was *' You
1.15 X-*
1.16 Extradition
1.17 3 Strikes You in
1.18 Penitentiary

Ice Cube: War & Peace 1 (War Disc)

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