Humazapas: Sara Mama

Humazapas: Sara Mama
Title: Sara Mama
Label: Aya Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

AYA Records presents: Humazapas' debut with 'Sara Mama', homage to the land and Kichwa tradition. The concept of "getting back to your roots" rarely has such a literal meaning, or at the same time such an ancestral meaning, as in the case of the Ecuadorian group Humazapas. Usually in the music industry this concept is used when an artist returns to a past sound, going back to that moment of newness, exploration and ingenuity, perhaps. But not Humazapas. These natives of the Kichwa communities of the Ecuadorian Andes, who have been working on this project for a decade, see "getting back to your roots" as a profound connection with their cultures, language, dance, the rituals that connect them to their deities and, of course, music.

1.1 Jatun Mama Pacha Kallari
1.2 Tamiajun
1.3 Pugyu
1.4 Chichu Burru
1.5 Adiós Mamita
1.6 Llandu
1.7 Romero Llullu Sisa
1.8 Hana Chagra
1.9 Pacho
1.10 Sara Tipi
1.11 Rosa Kitumba
1.12 Warmi Razu Chakigupi

Humazapas: Sara Mama

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Release Date: 06/09/2023

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