Holly & Italians: Right to Be Italian

Holly & Italians: Right to Be Italian
Title: Right to Be Italian
Artist: Holly & Italians
Label: Wounded Bird Records
UPC: 664140735927
Genre: Alternative Rock

Holly Beth Vincent was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1956. In 1978, Vincent formed in Los Angeles the band Holly & The Italians with drummer Steve Young, who she knew from high school. The new band moved to London in early 1979. At the beginning of 1980 Holly & The Italians moved to the US and started recording their debut album, The Right To Be Italian.

1.1 I Wanna Go Home
1.2 Rock Against Romance
1.3 Youth Coup
1.4 Just Young
1.5 Miles Away (LP Version)
1.6 Tell That Girl To Shut Up
1.7 Just For Tonight
1.8 Do You Say Love
1.9 Baby Gets It All
1.10 Means To A Den
1.11 Fanzine
1.12 It's Only Me
1.13 Poster Boy
1.14 Miles Away (7' Version}

Holly & Italians: Right to Be Italian


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