Hella: The Devil Isn't Red

Hella: The Devil Isn&
Title: The Devil Isn't Red
Label: 5 Rue Christine

This Californian duo speaks a unique musical language of suspense and order, chaos and function. These are blistering and lush compositions. Interlocking riffs and drum patterns have a dark metallic edge, but with blasts of melodic drive and bits of electronic hiss. They play as fast as jazzbos like John McLaughlin and they can bash it like mid-70s era King Crimson, but Hella definitely have their own sound.

1.1 Hello Great Architect of the Universe
1.2 Bigtime and the Kid
1.3 The Mother Could Be You
1.4 Top Twenty Notes
1.5 Brown Medal 2003
1.6 Suistyle
1.7 The Devil Isn't Red
1.8 You DJ Parents
1.9 Women of the 90's
1.10 Except No Subs
1.11 Welcome to the Jungle Baby, You're Gonna Live!

Hella: The Devil Isn't Red

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