Heirlooms of August: Forever the Moon

Heirlooms of August: Forever the Moon
Title: Forever the Moon
Artist: Heirlooms of August
Label: Caldo Verde
UPC: 634457544529
Genre: Alternative Rock

This debut album features 10 songs written by Jerry Vessel, formerly of Red House Painters and recently a touring member of Sun Kil Moon. After residing in San Francisco for a number of years, Vessel returned to California's San Joaquin Valley to find a new home in a familiar place. Inspired by the rural surroundings in which he now lives, Vessel found the time and solitude to reflect and to write, the result being Heirlooms of August's Forever the Moon.

1.1 Fools
1.2 Birth Day
1.3 Sedation
1.4 Broken Home
1.5 Brave New World
1.6 Black Lies
1.7 Small Wonder
1.8 December
1.9 King of Kings
1.10 Ascension

Heirlooms of August: Forever the Moon


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