Keene, Harvey: Casual Heroes

Harvey Keene: Casual Heroes
Title: Casual Heroes
Label: CD Baby

Frequently heard in and around Boston and New England, Harvey Keene is a storyteller first and foremost. If your into stories read on, if not, don't bother because that is the sum and substance of this performers work in the field of acoustic, country blues folk music. Working here with Steven Moore (Attention Shoppers) another regular player on the Beantown scene he sets out 17 original and innovative pieces done with acoustic guitar and mandolin.

1.1 Ain't No Guarantees
1.2 Highway Feelin'
1.3 Ballad of Bob West
1.4 Outlaw Rider
1.5 Baby's Moving on
1.6 Lonesome Is My Middle Name
1.7 Smoke
1.8 Black and White Movies
1.9 Pig Meat Rap
1.10 Lucian's Song
1.11 One More Cheatin' Love Song
1.12 When You Run Outta Money
1.13 Tulsa
1.14 Indiana Wind
1.15 Morning Melody
1.16 Everywhere There's You
1.17 Goin Home to Georgia

Keene, Harvey: Casual Heroes

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