Half Japanese: Boo

Half Japanese: Boo
Title: Boo
Artist: Half Japanese
Label: Fire Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 809236131119
Genre: Rock

Special release with pop off wearable mask designed by Jad Fair!!! Featuring highlights of the band's blitz of Europe in 1992. The world hasn't been the same since.

1.1 Open Your Eyes/Close Your Eyes (Live)
1.2 Big Mistake (Live)
1.3 One Million Kisses (Live)
1.4 Fire to Burn (Live)
1.5 Mule in the Corn (Live)
1.6 If He Says He Did (Live)
1.7 King Kong (Live)
1.8 Postcard from Far Away (Live)
1.9 I'll Change My Style (Live)
1.10 Cherry Pie (Live)
1.12 Sex at Your Parent's House (Live)
1.13 Secret (Live)
1.14 Said and Done (Live)
1.15 Charmed Life (Live)
1.16 Casper (Live)
1.17 Around and Around (Live)
1.18 Rocking Chair (Live)
1.19 Turn Your Life Around (Live)
1.20 Firecracker (Live)
1.21 Silver and Katherine (Live)
1.22 Frankenstein Must Die! (Live)
1.23 By and By (Live)
1.24 Fire in the Sky (Live)

Half Japanese: Boo

Product-type:VINYL LP

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