Nash, Graham: Over The Years

Graham Nash: Over The Years
Title: Over The Years
Label: Atlantic

2018 two CD collection. Over The Years... highlights songs from the iconic CSN debut album ("Marrakesh Express") and it's successor album Déjà Vu, for which Neil Young joined forces with CSN ("Our House" and "Teach Your Children") as well as songs from subsequent CSN albums ("Just A Song Before I Go" and "Wasted On The Way"). In addition, the collection highlights songs that Nash recorded for his 1971 solo debut, Songs For Beginners, including "Military Madness" and "Simple Man," and includes unreleased mixes for two other songs from that album: "Better Days" and "I Used To Be King." The most recent recording on the compilation is "Myself At Last" from Nash's 2016 solo album This Path Tonight. Includes 15 demo recordings, 12 of which have never been released. Standouts include the 1968 London demo of "Marrakesh Express," rejected by the Hollies and setting the stage for Nash's relocation to Los Angeles and the next chapter of his life. The set contains early versions of CSN classics like "Our House," "Wasted On The Way," "Pre-Road Downs," and "Teach Your Children." Other unreleased gems include: "I Miss You" and "You'll Never Be The Same" - both from Nash's 1974 solo album Wild Tales - and "Horses Through A Rainstorm," originally intended for Déjà Vu.

1.1 Marrakesh Express (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills ; Nash
1.2 Military Madness (Remastered)
1.3 Immigration Man (Remastered) - David Crosby ; Graham Nash
1.4 Just a Song Before I Go (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills ; Nash
1.5 I Used to Be a King
1.6 Better Days
1.7 Simple Man (Remastered)
1.8 Teach Your Children (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills, Nash ; Young
1.9 Lady of the Island (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills ; Nash
1.10 Wind on the Water - David Crosby ; Graham Nash
1.11 Our House (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills, Nash ; Young
1.12 Cathedral (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills ; Nash
1.13 Wasted on the Way (Remastered) - Crosby, Stills ; Nash
1.14 Chicago / We Can Change the World (Remastered)
1.15 Myself at Last
2.1 Marrakesh Express (Demo)
2.2 Horses Through a Rainstorm (Demo)
2.3 Teach Your Children (Demo)
2.4 Pre-Road Downs (Demo)
2.5 Our House (Demo)
2.6 Right Between the Eyes (Demo) [Remastered]
2.7 Sleep Song (Demo) [Remastered]
2.8 Chicago (Demo) [Remastered]
2.9 Man in the Mirror (Demo)
2.10 Simple Man (Demo)
2.11 I Miss You (Demo)
2.12 You'll Never Be the Same (Demo)
2.13 Wind on the Water (Demo)
2.14 Just a Song Before I Go (Demo)
2.15 Wasted on the Way (Demo)

Nash, Graham: Over The Years

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