Ghostheart Nebula: Ascension

Ghostheart Nebula: Ascension
Title: Ascension
Artist: Ghostheart Nebula
Label: Black Lion Records
UPC: 703674510973
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

After our first well acclaimed EP "Reveries" and the stand-alone single "Apathetic Lacrymae", "Ascension" is our first full length album as Ghostheart Nebula. This new chapter, unraveling in a trail of empathy and introspection, contains the main stylistic and emotive nuances of our music. The album has been recorded at StreetRec Studio (Como, Italy), while mixing and mastering have been done by Øystein G. Brun (Borknagar) at Crosound Studio (Bergen, Norway). On "Ascension" we had the pleasure of having different featurings adding extra contents and value to the songs: Lucia Amelia Emmanueli (Monochrome the city, Trewa) in the opening track "Mira" Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow, Clouds) in "Cosmic river" Jon Liedtke (Inter Arma, Lost tribes of the moon) with a theremin solo in "The Cage".

1.1 Mira (FT. Lucia Amelia Emmanueli)
1.2 Chrysalis
1.3 Hikikomori
1.4 The Cage (FT. Jon Liedtke)
1.5 Ascension Pt. I Cosmic River (FT. Gogo Melone)
1.6 Ascension Pt. II My Burial Dream
1.7 Ascension Pt. III Nebula

Ghostheart Nebula: Ascension


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