Clark, Gene: Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers

Gene Clark: Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers
Title: Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers
Label: Retroworld

CD reissue. Gene Clark was an American singer-songwriter and founding member of The Byrds. He was the band's principal songwriter between 1964 and early 1966, writing most of their best-known songs from this period, including "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better", "She Don't Care About Time", and "Set You Free This Time". This album was released in February 1967 and was Clark's first solo project after his departure from The Byrds in 1966. Although the album was a critical success and established Clark as a talented singer-songwriter, it appeared very close to the scheduled release date for The Byrds' album Younger Than Yesterday in both the US and the UK which rather limited it's possibilities for commercial success. The first solo LP for the Byrds' principal songwriter of their 1964-65 breakthrough years, this album won the hearts of critics-but it's February 1967 release date, up against the Byrds' release "Younger Than Yesterday," hurt it's commercial impact. C The musicians on the album include former bandmates Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke, Wrecking Crew session musicians Glen Campbell, Jerry Cole, Jim Gordon, and Leon Russell, future Byrd Clarence White; and Clark's future collaborator Doug Dillard. The folk/country vocal duo The Gosdin Brothers added backing vocals, and subsequently received co-billing.

1.1 Echoes
1.2 Think I'm Gonna Feel Better
1.3 Tried So Hard
1.4 Is Yours Is Mine
1.5 Keep on Pushin'
1.6 I Found You
1.7 So You Say You Lost Your Baby
1.8 Elevator Operator
1.9 The Same One
1.10 Couldn't Believe Her
1.11 Needing Someone
1.12 Needing Someone
1.13 The French Girl
1.14 So Say You Lost Your Baby

Clark, Gene: Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers

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