Futurebirds: Hotel Parties

Futurebirds: Hotel Parties
Artist: Futurebirds
Title: Hotel Parties
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP Pressing. Six years ain't a hell of a lot of time, but Futurebirds have filled 'em with a whole lot of living. Laying down their shoe-gazing country, harmonious psychedelia, and barnstorming, ragged rock both on record and in person, the Athens-based band presents a delicate balance on Hotel Parties, it's third full-length record that explores the toils, joys, and struggles exposed by six years doing any one thing so intensely. Over the course of these three LPs, two EPs, and one live record, people have come and gone, yet Futurebirds seem to stay. Some things came out as they liked and some pills have been bitter. But sometimes, six years just ain't enough time to tell.

1.1 Paranoia Letters
1.2 Twentyseven
1.3 For You
1.4 Xmas Drags
1.5 Hotel Parties
1.6 Rodeo
1.7 Paper Tongues
1.8 Slow Talkerz
1.9 Deadbeat Hits
1.10 Let It All Loose
1.11 Hard As You Like

Futurebirds: Hotel Parties

Product-type:VINYL LP

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