Free Babyronia: Matrix Grooves

Free Babyronia: Matrix Grooves
Title: Matrix Grooves
Label: Kaico (Japan)

2013 release from Rodriguez Yukio who is originally from Lima, Peru and the man behind this Free Babylonia project. Matrix Grooves is his first album following two EP releases. These 14 tremendously dense tracks are like daily notes of living phenomena, evolving into undulations and diverse rhythms. Whilst keeping a rather dark tone, every tiny bit of sound are intense and heavily texturized, arranged in a repetitive manner, which can easily be described as highly addictive. If you are into the essence of Flying Lotus or Basic Channel, here's an album that will feed you with real pleasure.

1.1 Mandala of Cell
1.2 Days Signal
1.3 Per-Aah
1.4 Da-Da
1.5 Halo Jam Channel
1.6 Symphonie Fantastique
1.7 Karma
1.8 Sun_Cloud_Matrix
1.9 )))
1.10 Abyss
1.11 Swim
1.12 Pendulum

Free Babyronia: Matrix Grooves

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