Fermento: Insignia

Fermento: Insignia
Title: Insignia
Label: CD Baby

Fermento Insignia Originally released in 2004, the second album from Spanish death metal veterans, Fermento, has once again seen the light of day. The music here is nothing that hasn't been done before, but the high quality of the musicianship and production make this one well worth checking out if you missed it the first time around. Musically, Fermento does a fantastic job of skillfully alternating between the brutal Death Metal low down 'burp' and gurgle grind elements of their sound, crafting a relentless attack that refuses to let up and keeps the listener from getting too comfortable before changing things up and blasting off in another direction. Second Album of these Brutal Death Grinders from Spain. This album differs from their earlier works, as it is faster and more technical but remains as brutal as ever! Insignia is now available again with an improved layout and 3 live bonus tracks from the Symbols era which were not included on the Voliac Records version. Includes 3 live bonus tracks.

1.1 Insignia
1.2 March of the Brute
1.3 Untermensch
1.4 Hunger Among Wolves
1.5 Only the Strong Should Dominate
1.6 Messiah to Burn
1.7 Falling for Wotan
1.8 I'm Still the Lone Revengeful Wolf [Live]
1.9 Inmortal Fever of Desire [Live]
1.10 Symbols of Decrepitude [Live]

Fermento: Insignia

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