End-Time Messengers: About Our Fathers Business

End-Time Messengers: About Our Fathers Business
Title: About Our Fathers Business
Label: CD Baby

From the root of God you have the true vine. To this new season you have the End-Times. E-T-M is a group of men who minister God's word through song and word of expressions. In 1998, we wanted to let the world know that everything we did it was (Just God). Now about four years later, we are sending a message that we are still (About Our Father's Business). The word says, 'to seek yea first the kingdom of God,' and from that we get this: If we make what's important to God important to us, then what's important to us will become important to God. To us, it's all about people. God loves people, so we make it our business to love people. We thank God for giving us a heart for souls, and we know after laboring for souls, all other things will be added to us........... The End-Time Messengers, INC.

1.1 Right in His Sight
1.2 Til His Grace Runs Out
1.3 Same Ole, Same Ole (Remix)
1.4 About My Father's Business
1.5 Victory
1.6 I'll Go
1.7 The Church Shall Live By Faith
1.8 Spiritual Foreplay
1.9 Friend So Dear
1.10 Just Say No to Drugs/To Sin
1.11 Hymns/Melodies from the Past
1.12 About My Father's Business (Instrumental)

End-Time Messengers: About Our Fathers Business

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