Sneed, Dylan: Texodus

Dylan Sneed: Texodus
Title: Texodus
Label: CD Baby

In mid-April 2010 Americana songwriter Dylan Sneed met five friends in a 100-year-old farmhouse in the low country of South Carolina to record his latest album, Texodus. The five-day session was a flurry of activity, as the group worked day and night tracking 14 songs. And best of all, it was all paid for before they even pushed 'record.' During the previous two months Dylan, a native Texan, raised money to fund the project through the website His fans came through, pledging 120% of the budget. All told, Dylan raised over $8,000.

1.1 Texodus
1.2 The Garden
1.3 Baby
1.4 Selfish Boy
1.5 Love You Like I Do
1.6 Midnight Promenade
1.7 Girls Just Want to Have Fun
1.8 Prudence
1.9 Climb This Wall
1.10 Keep You Still
1.11 All Around Me
1.12 Under the Sheets

Sneed, Dylan: Texodus

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