Downcast Collision: Rise Up

Downcast Collision: Rise Up
Title: Rise Up
Artist: Downcast Collision
Label: Graviton
UPC: 8718503560458
Genre: Rock

2017 release. Modern Metal band Downcast Collision came to life in another dimension in space and time. By chance it's members were cast down to collide with this universe. Here the laws of nature work differently, which makes the band feel misplaced and angry. Stuck in this world, all they can really hope for now, is to find a way to merge both worlds into one. How that will end, no one yet knows. Musically Downcast Collision sounds like dark science; heavy, killer riffing and without much subtlety. Downcast Collision is the shadow side of love; it is the downside of up. It is the evil twin you secretly wish to be

1.1 Overthrown
1.2 Rise Up
1.3 Cast Aside
1.4 Second Sight
1.5 Bombs Away
1.6 Scapegoat Warrior
1.7 Spin Doctor
1.8 The Seventh Day
1.9 Photonic

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Downcast Collision: Rise Up


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