Djabe / Hackett, Steve: Live In Gyor - 2CD+BLURAY (All Region)

Title: Live In Gyor - 2CD+BLURAY (All Region)
Label: Esoteric

Djabe & Steve Hackett line-up made up for the 2020 and 2021 tour postponed due to Covid in 2022. The musicians eagerly awaited to make music together, so on the tour the band was very much together and gave their best performances of all time. At the final stop of the tour, the band also recorded a video, the post-production of which, as usual, was done by Tamás Barabás and Attila Égerházi. The concert, which can be found on Blu-ray, includes several tracks performed live for the first time. Examples include Lake By The Sea from the Back To Sardinia album, the rock band version of Ace Of Wands from the Voyage Of The Acolyte album, or the Gyor Blues compositions. There are several live versions of Steve Hackett and Djabe compositions previously not released on a Djabe & Steve Hackett live albums. Songs like The Steppes, Witchi Tai To, Gyor and Power Of Wings.

1.1 Searching for the Stag
1.2 Power of Wings
1.3 The Steppes
1.4 Buzzy Island
1.5 Lake By the Sea
1.6 Ace of Wands
1.7 Castelsardo at Night
1.8 In That Quiet Earth
1.9 Witchi Tai to
1.10 Last Train to Istanbul
1.11 Gyor
1.12 Golden Sand
1.13 Hairless Heart
1.14 Firth of Fifth
1.15 Around the Circle
1.16 Distant Dance
1.17 Los Endos
1.18 Gyor Blues

Djabe / Hackett, Steve: Live In Gyor - 2CD+BLURAY (All Region)

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