Dirty White Boy: Bad Reputation

Dirty White Boy: Bad Reputation
Title: Bad Reputation
Label: Bad Reputation

Newly remastered with a bonus track / Featuring : Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon, Ian Hunter, Tim Curry); David Glen Eisley (Giuffria, House Of Lords) & Keri Richards (Autograph) - DIRTY WHITE BOY have the distinction of being the band formed by the axe slinger to the stars Earl Slick. Although initial reports suggested that ex-Heavy Pettin' vocalist Steve Hayman was working with Earl Slick, the group was eventually fronted by ex-Giuffria vocalist David Glen Eisley. He joined former Autograph drummer Keri Richards and the rather lesser-known bassist F. Kirk Alley, the quartet arriving in a blaze of glory during 1990 with their debut album "Bad Reputation", a record of undoubted quality. Sadly, Dirty White Boy only ever released this one album but is it a corker. This quartet rocked big time with plenty of slide guitar courtesy of Earl Slick. Eisley's vocals are suitably gruff for this lean and dirty rock 'n' roll - 'Lazy Crazy' being a prime example. 'Let's Spend Momma's Money' is a real rock 'n' roll stomper with a nice honky-tonk piano riff going on in the background. Then it's 'lighters in the air' time for 'You Give Me Love' - just how a ballad should be done, soaring heartfelt vocals, guitar solo midway through and a nice heart tugging lyric. They came out just as hair/glam metal was peaking and bands like Guns 'N' Roses were the big thing in rock music, the perfect market for this album. Dirty White Boy should have been bigger than they were and a real shame they didn't record a second album.

1.1 Bad Reputation
1.2 Lazy Crazy
1.3 Let’s Spend Momma’s Money
1.4 You Give Me Love
1.5 Dead Cat Alley
1.6 Hammer On The Heart
1.7 Hard Times
1.8 Soul Of A Loaded Gun
1.9 One Good Reason
1.10 Allow to Let Go
1.11 Back In The Night

Dirty White Boy: Bad Reputation

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