Dirty Echoes: Faketown

Dirty Echoes: Faketown
Title: Faketown
Label: Steadyboy Records

Dirty Echoes is a power-pop band from Waco, Texas together since 1997 on the Texas Music Café PBS music TV, from which they drew deep influences of their state's rich musical heritage. The music is full of diverse sounds reflecting personal stories, experiences, and relationships that flourish in dynamic live performances. They've devoted the last 20 years to the music of others, now it's their turn. These accomplished musicians have built a reputation for creating memorable songs and an energetic live show. In the fall of 2018, Dirty Echoes were playing in Austin and caught the ear of SteadyBoy Records President, power-pop enthusiast, Texas Music Hall of Famer Freddie Steady Krc. He was immediately impressed with their unique, smart, heartfelt and rockin' songs and sound. So here (hear-sic) they are.

1.1 Emmons Cliff
1.2 TV Doctor
1.3 Too Little Too Late
1.4 Paper Stains
1.5 Getting Good
1.6 Mandela
1.7 Fallen Angels
1.8 Faketown
1.9 Relevate
1.10 Leading Me
1.11 Unforeseen Circumstances
1.12 Circus Landing Dream

Dirty Echoes: Faketown

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