Diabolicum: Ia Pazuzu

Diabolicum: Ia Pazuzu
Title: Ia Pazuzu
Label: Code666

The long waited return of the Swedish Masters of Industrial Black Metal. Infernal Black Metal Kult Diabolicum is finally back! 14 years after their last album, the Swedish Demons just completed the long delayed and waited third album titled "Ia Pazuzu". Formed in 1994 under the Imperial moniker, Diabolicum are among the Prime Movers of the whole Industrial Black Metal scene. The Digipack artwork was handled by Maxime Taccardi. Featuring new vocalist Niklas Kvarforth (Shining). Released as Digipack CD.

1.1 Baxxar Ehl Uhza
1.2 Void of Astaroth
1.3 Silent Spring
1.4 Genocide Bliss
1.5 Salvation Through Vengeance
1.6 The Abyss of the Shadows
1.7 One Man's War
1.8 Angelmaker
1.9 Ia Pazuzu

Diabolicum: Ia Pazuzu

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