Deafbrood: Hell Reel

Deafbrood: Hell Reel
Title: Hell Reel
Label: M&O Music

Deafbrood is built for stage, and leaves no room for doubt regarding it's influences : they play fast, they play loud, and it smells like engine oil !The band name is a tribute to all Rock'n'Roll legends that nurtured the boys growing up, urging them to play their own music.Formed by Julian (Bass Vocals) in early 2017, just few days where needed to the 3 pals (Aymeric - Lead Guitar / Martin - Rhythm Guitar / Cyrille - Drums) to join the adventure and create the band, Deafbrood is born of a simple idea : play some balsy Rock'n'Roll !After one first year of writing, rehearsing and a certain amount of beer, the band records it's first 6 tracks EP (including a filmed track recording), followed up by a series of live shows.

1.1 I Snatched a Bottle
1.2 Hell Reel
1.3 Dawn of Man
1.4 Another Row of Five
1.5 Party Girl (Show Me Your Moves)
1.6 Never Out of Supplies
1.7 The Act
1.8 Lady Blue
1.9 Tinnitus Rock
1.10 Money Order Gun Powder
1.11 Ain't No Time
1.12 Drunk As Fuck

Deafbrood: Hell Reel

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