Davis, Miles / Coltrane, John: Den Haag - April 9th 1960

Davis, Miles / Coltrane, John: Den Haag - April 9th 1960
Title: Den Haag - April 9th 1960
Artist: Davis, Miles / Coltrane, John
Label: Doxy
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 889397020637
Genre: Pop

Doxy release a great show from the legendary Miles Davis and John Coltrane 1960s European tour. Spring of 1960 was a major turning point for the Miles Davis Quintet. Seven months after the release of Kind of Blue (RUM 2011129LP) in August 1959 and just days after Miles recorded Sketches of Spain (DOG 904LP) on March 10 and 11, 1960, the quintet departed for a breakneck tour of Europe. Tensions ran high even before the quintet left, and major changes would take place upon the group's return, including the departure of John Coltrane. Coltrane's solos are at times playful and harmonically complex as is his signature, stretching the boundaries of the themes and in fact the genre, and always interesting. There are clear signs of the direction he would soon take on his own as a leader. Miles Davis himself plays some of his finest breaks in this set and clearly is inspired by the material and the band and very probably the rapt audiences. It's clear they knew they were witness to giants in their land and showed due respect and generosity. What makes these recordings so special is that you can hear Coltrane starting to break away musically, taking extended "sheets of sound" solos on Miles Davis Quintet standards. Whistles of admiration and encouragement go up from the audience during Coltrane's solos, and you get the sense from Miles's playing that he was being topped and wasn't quite sure how to respond musically.

1.1 So What
1.2 'Round Midnight
1.3 On Green Dolphin Street
1.4 Walkin'
1.5 The Theme

Davis, Miles / Coltrane, John: Den Haag - April 9th 1960

Product-type:VINYL LP

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