Kyo, Daniel: Nacht Drei

Daniel Kyo: Nacht Drei
Title: Nacht Drei
Artist: Kyo, Daniel
Label: Nitsa Traxx
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 880319869815
Genre: Electronic

The legendary Nitsa Club from Barcelona is back with new music fifteen years after their first venture with Nitsa Recordings. The new label is called Nitsa Traxx. The first release comes from Valencian producer Daniel Kyo. "Nacht Drei" sounds like one of those tracks from the infamous Ruta del Bacalao, but with a very nowadays production - sharp and hypnotic, but with a certain sense of epic humor. Marc Piñol remixes the original track and makes it sound blurry, obsessive, fast, and mental.

1.1 Nacht Drei
1.2 Nacht Drei (Marc Piñol Remix)

Kyo, Daniel: Nacht Drei

Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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