Levy, Dan: Congrats on Your Success

Dan Levy: Congrats on Your Success
Title: Congrats on Your Success
Label: Comedy Central

Judged "Comic of the Year" for 2011 at the Young Hollywood Awards, Dan Levy is poised for huge success. He has a new VH-1 pilot in production, a rigorous standup schedule, and, of course, the new album. The CD features an hour of his fantastic standup routine.

1.1 My Terrible Cell Phone
1.2 Recently Married
1.3 My Wife Is Not a Bitch
1.4 Strip Club
1.5 My Friend's Dick Pix
1.6 Dating Issues
1.7 Congrats on Your Success
1.8 Karate Class
1.9 Radio Shack
1.10 You Porn
1.11 Chris Angel
1.12 Bragging About Drugs
1.13 I Used to Be Really Cool
1.14 My Roommate Ate My Pot Cookies
1.15 The Other Dan Levy
2.1 [Bonus Material]

Levy, Dan: Congrats on Your Success

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