Curved Air: Reborn

Curved Air: Reborn
Title: Reborn
Artist: Curved Air
Label: Curved Air Records
UPC: 5060105491764
Genre: Rock

CD reissue. Curved Air is best known for it's hits 'Back Street Luv', 'It Happened Today' and 'Vivaldi'. Reborn is a re-recorded album by Sonja Kristina, Darryl Way and Florian Pilkington-Miksa. The album was released in 2008 but has only been available in Japan and on the band's merchandise stall at gigs - this is it's first mainstream release. This is the latest release on the band's own Curved Air Records which enables each member to retain complete creative control.

1.1 Stretch
1.2 Back Street Luv
1.3 Marie Antoinette
1.4 It Happened Today
1.5 Screw
1.6 Melinda More or Less
1.7 Hide and Seek
1.8 Midnight Wire
1.9 Elfin Boy
1.10 Young Mother
1.11 Coming Home
1.12 The Fury
1.13 Vivaldi
1.14 Back Street Luv (Dance Remix)

Curved Air: Reborn


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