Confessions of a Traitor: Guided

Confessions of a Traitor: Guided
Title: Guided
Label: Sliptrick Records

The 12-tracks of Guided are a musical exploration and a refinement of the band's journey so far, filled with the energy of their live performance, raw heaviness, and the soaring melodic sing-along hooks that the band has gained notoriety for. Lyrically, it is an expression of the positive elements of our dark psyche and the trials that we all eventually have to endure. Confessions of a Traitor are: Stephen MacConville - Vocals Jack Darnell - Guitar Jacob Brand - Guitar/Backing Vocals Tony Nagle/Backing Vocals - Bass Sebastian Olrog - Drums

1.1 Kansas
1.2 Twelve
1.3 Design Me
1.4 A Truthful Heart
1.5 Myra
1.6 Ocean Air
1.7 Rai
1.8 Early Hours
1.9 Churchill
1.10 White Whale
1.11 Fearless
1.12 Collateral

Confessions of a Traitor: Guided

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