Clube Tormenta: O Som Do Labirinto - Coke Bottle Clear

Clube Tormenta: O Som Do Labirinto - Coke Bottle Clear
Title: O Som Do Labirinto - Coke Bottle Clear
Artist: Clube Tormenta
Label: Nyege Nyege Tapes
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 742521170083
Genre: Electronic

Based in the Brazilian capital of São Paulo, the TORMENTA collective has long offered an alternative vision of it's city's rich and colorful musical heritage. Operating as an ongoing series of DIY parties, creative agency and record label, TORMENTA has welcomed challenging sounds into São Paulo and released music from a cross section of Brazilian artists, including BADSISTA, Pininga and Fkoff1963. Their musical output is unrestrained: pop edits and unhinged hard dance rubs against serrated heavy metal and lifted ambient drone. Anything's possible, as long as there's a social conscience and a middle finger to expectation.In 2019, TORMENTA put together a short film for the online edition of Nyege Nyege Festival. Since the crew is made up of obsessive horror movie fans, the direction was clear. "O Som do Labirinto" (The Labyrinth's Sound), is a terrifying and psychedelic audiovisual experience that's centered around a journalist attempting to examine a series of mysterious gatherings. Casting a side-eye to VICE's notorious series of fish out of water documentaries, the film drags it's protagonist to hell through a series of grueling mental trials, all accompanied by TORMENTA's bloody toolbox of tortuous sounds.This full-length soundtrack finds the collective exposing their deep horror movie knowledge and finally flexing their film score muscle. The crew's ragged club DNA is still present, but mainlined into a Frankenstein's monster of John Carpenter synths, haunted piano loops and gruesome Lustmord-esque dark ambient drones. Alada's 'Running' straps a familiar hoover bass to bloodcurdling low-end rumbles and sparse, propulsive kicks; MTMA's 'O Pesadelo' sounds like broken clocks and music boxes at the "Evil Dead" cabin; 177th's 'Together' is a nightmarish beatless rave anthem that's like Lorenzo Senni on a bad trip; and Bruxax's 'Scream' is a full-on sludge metal freak-out that could sit alongside a Rob Zombie movie.The "O Som Do Labirinto OST" is Brazilian experimental club music in corpse paint holding a jack-o-lantern and weilding a bloody knife. Be afraid.

1.1 Final Início
1.2 Vasca
1.3 Carne Viva
1.4 Running
1.5 O Pesadelo
1.6 Cemitério
1.7 Together
1.8 Sonata dos Sonhos
1.9 Precisão Cirúrgica
1.10 Labirinto
1.11 Refúgio
1.12 Tension
1.13 Scream
1.14 Ooh The Horror

Clube Tormenta: O Som Do Labirinto - Coke Bottle Clear

Product-type:VINYL LP

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