Gregson, Clive: Eighteen Strings (2020-03)

Clive Gregson: Eighteen Strings (2020-03)
Title: Eighteen Strings (2020-03)
Label: Gregsongs

In his 40th and final year as a touring performer, Clive Gregson is releasing an album every month in 2020. Born and raised in Manchester, the accomplished singer, musician and record producer, whose career has spanned 3 decades, includes stints with Any Trouble, Richard Thompson, Nanci Griffith and a heralded solo career. "Gregson's Dozen" is an album every month of 2020 - all different, all new, all original. This 3rd volume features a collection of original acoustic guitar instrumental tunes. In 2014, Clive created '3 Boxes', with Andy Roberts and Mark Griffiths, a brand-new concept of original acoustic instrumental tunes, played by 3 guitarists each playing melodies, harmonies, chords and solos as appropriate. Here, Clive has taken that forward, with a new album of original tunes, combining elements of jazz, folk and blues. It is the only all-instrumental album in this series by Clive, and he plays all parts using tape overdubbing to create multiple guitar parts, also using slide guitars and dobros. Style influences include Django Reinhardt (The English Abroad), Bluegrass (Green As Grass), The Shadows (Raining All Day) and folk (Washing Day).

1.1 Guelph
1.2 Magnet
1.3 Yellow Eyes
1.4 Bulldog
1.5 The English Abroad
1.6 Bold Mountaineer
1.7 Offside
1.8 A Texan with a Pair of Nylons
1.9 Raining All Day
1.10 Green As Grass
1.11 Tatterdemalion
1.12 Washing Day
1.13 Antonio
1.14 102F

Gregson, Clive: Eighteen Strings (2020-03)

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