Cronin, Claire: Came Down a Storm

Claire Cronin: Came Down a Storm
Title: Came Down a Storm
Label: Ba Da Bing

2016 release. Came Down A Storm is a collaboration between Cronin and Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich, who met by chance at a Los Angeles show and began writing songs together long-distance. After sending recordings and ideas back and forth over email for a year, Cronin joined Dieterich at his house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to record Came Down A Storm. The album was mixed with Jay Pellici at New, Improved Recordings in Oakland, California, where the full instrumentation was put in place. The album features Pellici and Chris Vatalaro on drums and Ezra Buchla and Heather Trost on strings.

1.1 The Unnatural
1.2 In the Field
1.3 Valentine
1.4 Meet Me Undertakers
1.5 Dark Water
1.6 Dreamt the Sea

Cronin, Claire: Came Down a Storm

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